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Select from our wide variety of signature created dishes. Choose between in store pick or local delivery. Our menu rotates every quarter


Our Chef's will carefully prepare, cook, and package all of your meals. On Sunday we cook for Mon-Tue-Wed meals. On Wednesday we cook for Thur-Sun. You'll always have them fresh and ready to go!


You choose whether to pick up your meals at TTP Fitness's brick and mortar location after 4PM or choose doorstep delivery in case you are busy. We never want you to miss out


Our meal containers are microwavable. In just minutes you will be enjoying restaurant quality meals from the comfort of your own home with no dishes to do.

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Easy way to "give it a try". Choose your meals and get what you need, when you want it, for one meal or for every day of the week. Menu rotates with new meals every quarter

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Select 5, 10, or 15 meals and save 5%. Pick them up at TTP Fitness, get local hand delivery, and *national delivery available soon

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Subscribe and Save, our best value with the greatest savings. Let our chefs create your meals based on your preferences to give you the best meal possible for the lowest cost

- Jerry W

"Bubba the sweet potato hash is my favorite"

-Brian E

"This food is INCREDIBLE and hits my macros! I've always hated Meal Prep and found other companies to be bland or overly salted not the case with TTP Lifestyle Meals. LOVE THIS"

- Denise D

"Finally a meal prep service that has done it right"

-Ryan B

"This taste like food straight from a top notch restaurant"

-Dana B

"Hands down the best pre-made meals I've tasted"

- Cynthia S

"Just one bite of the vegetables and you know this has been prepared right!"

- Gary A

"These are beyond delicious they are incredible"

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